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Great Lakes Lifts

Boat Lifts & Docks

Great Lakes Lift and Dock is a family owned business, established in 1974. We are a dealer based manufacturing company that produces a complete line of boat hoists and docks in Caro, Michigan.

Quality, safety, and integrity are central to the core values of Great Lakes Lift and Dock. We are Proud Michigan manufacturers, building marine products for over 40 years.

Knowledgeable dealers are an integral part of Great Lakes Lift and Dock. Our company has developed and groomed an experienced dealer base to distribute these quality products. The dealers help lake front owners purchase, install, and maintain the boat hoists and dock systems best suited to their individual needs. Having experienced dealers, familiar with the lakes they service, gives our customers confidence that they have the support they need when they need it.

Vertical Boat Lifts


  • All aluminum construction

  • Grade 5 bolts and U-bolts (stainless bolts and brass nuts where applicable)

  • Utilizes an all-welded side designed to facilitate entry to boat from both
    sides as well as ends.

  • All in-water cables are stainless steel

  • Pulley shafts are equipped with grease fittings*

  • Carpeted utility bunks (standard)

  • Standard with 54" adjustable legs.

  • Upgrade option of 72" adjustable legs is available.

  • 60 to 66" cradle lift from bottom to full-up position

  • 7" of water needed to cover the center of the cradle in lowest position

  • Electric Winch Optional (Available in 110v / 12v / 24v)


Hydraulic Lifts


  • 24 Volt Power: With solar tender; batteries not included.

  • 54" Rise on the 40110 / 40122

  • 54" Rise on the 50115 / 50122

  • 54" Rise on the 56115 / 56122

  • Cycle Time: 35-40 seconds from bottom to top (with full battery charge)

  • Water Depth Requirement: 7-8" over center cradles (plus draft of boat)



  • Hydraulic cylinder is designed not to be submerged in water, therefore avoiding
    exposure to corrosion, floating debris, and zebra mussels; can be disassembled
    for repairs.

  • Cylinder Rod on the hydraulic cylinder is fully protected from corrosion when the
    lift is in the 'up' position.

  • Mechanical safety is standard for long term storage of your boat in the 'up' position.

  • Hydraulic oil is fully approved for marine use.

  • 5/16" stainless leveling cables on the 40110/40122

  • 3/8" stainless leveling cables on the 50115/50122 and 56115/56122

  • Lift cable is 3/8" galvanized cable (7 x 19 wire rope).

  • Pulley sheaves are machined from space age Nylatron; all pulley shafts have grease fittings to facilitate a quieter and longer lasting pulley sheave.



  • Canopies available in various lengths and colors. (please inquire)

  • Full range of bunks, side guides, bow and motor stops for your boats or pontoon.

  • Remote control for your convenience.

  • Deep water legs.

  • 110 volt trickle charger available upon request.


Personal Watercraft Lifts

Great Lakes Lift manufactures high quality cantilever style personal water craft lifts.
Our PWC lifts will accommodate water-crafts ranging in size from: Light stand-up
machines through 1750 lb. jet boats. All PWC lifts come standard with adjustable legs,
ranging in length from 12" - 36" depending on the model of hoist. Longer legs are
available upon request (Deep Water Leg Option). PWC Lifts come standard with Heavy Duty Anodized Aluminum Wheels.


PWC lifts 1264, 1472 and 1796 come standard with adjustable carpeted bunks. Carpet is optional on all other Personal Water Craft lifts in our PWC line of products. Our higher
weight capacity PWC lifts incorporate bushings at hinge points for increased durability.


PWC Options Include:

  • Poly Bunks

  • Canopies available for: 1264 / 1472 / 1796

  • Deep Water Legs *(Do not use Deep Water Legs on 1796 Model)

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